New Website!!

Hi everyone, this is my very first blog on this website which went live last week yippee!!! I hope you all agree its really lovely as i am very pleased with it! This is a very busy time for me as many brides are getting married combined with many trials for the brides getting married in the summer. This week i did a trial for Laura on Tuesday, she is getting married Easter Sunder at Prested Hall. Tomorrow i will carrying out a trial for Jenny who will be getting married on 23rd May, not sure of her venue yet will find out tomorrow. Saturday i will be doing makeup trials with the very talented hair stylist Carly ( who i always recommend 100% as she creates beautiful unique styles which are different for every bride she meets) for Shantelle and her two bridesmaids in sunny Southend and her wedding day is 10th June. I will try and post pictures of these girls trials once they have been done :-). For now i wish all those lovely mummies out there a wonderful mothers day on Sunday, i am very much looking forward to a restful day with the family and beautiful food at my sister in laws parents restaurant in Kent….don’t forget the clocks go forward on this day too, speak soon Karen xx